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Happenings around Lyons

Lyons, Colorado is a great place to explore and has festivities and events happening throughout the year.

51st Annual RockyGrass Festival

Located in Lyons, Colorado, RockyGrass is traditional bluegrass as its finest. Red rock cliffs and Cottonwoods peer down over the property as the North St. Vrain River flows through the festival grounds just feet from the main stage.

Restaurants in Lyons

Lyons, Colorado, is a charming little town bursting with personality! Here, you’ll discover a delightful array of restaurants, each offering a unique culinary experience. Satisfy your taste buds at Julie’s Thai Kitchen, indulge in the smoky goodness of Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ, savor the flavors at Mojo’s, or relish in the offerings of the original Oskar Blues Brewery. Whatever your appetite, Lyons has the perfect spot to please it. Take a look at the list of Lyons restaurants below, though do keep in mind that some hours may vary during the winter season.

Hiking Trails in Lyons

Lyons has some great hiking spots! Whether you are looking for a nice easy stroll or a more advanced hike, you won’t be disappointed. 

Parks in Lyons

The Lyons Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Events strives to develop and enhance recreational and cultural opportunities for its residents and visitors, while improving and preserving its community parks, open space, trails and facilities

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